Class 3 EVS

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Class 3 EVS Exploring Our Environment

Class 3 Environmental Studies (EVS) serves as a crucial platform for young learners to understand the world around them. It focuses on introducing students to various aspects of the environment, society, and natural phenomena.

EVS Curriculum Overview

The Class 3 EVS curriculum covers topics like natural resources, communities, habitats, weather, and the interdependence of living beings. It aims to instill an appreciation for nature and environmental conservation.

Understanding Natural Resources

Students delve into learning about different natural resources such as water, air, soil, forests, and minerals. They comprehend the importance of conservation and sustainable utilization of these resources.

Exploring Habitats and Ecosystems

Class 3 EVS introduces various habitats and ecosystems, teaching students about diverse flora, fauna, and the delicate balance within ecosystems. It highlights the significance of biodiversity.


Societal Understanding

EVS in Class 3 also sheds light on different communities, cultures, traditions, and social responsibilities. It aims to foster respect for diversity and awareness of societal norms.

Weather and Environmental Changes

Students learn about weather patterns, seasons, and environmental changes. Understanding these aspects helps in comprehending the impact of climate on living organisms.

Interactive Learning Activities

Engaging activities such as observation, field trips, experiments, and group discussions facilitate hands-on learning, enabling students to connect theoretical knowledge with real-life experiences.

Teacher's Facilitation

Educators play a pivotal role in guiding students through EVS lessons. They encourage curiosity, facilitate discussions, and promote environmental awareness both inside and outside the classroom.


Class 3 EVS serves as a gateway to understanding the environment, natural phenomena, and societal dynamics. Through exploration and interactive learning, it instills values of environmental stewardship and a deeper understanding of the world.

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