About Us


EOIBooks is one of India's leading interactive multimedia companies. We are based in New Delhi and were founded in 1999 to provide innovative solutions to our customer base. Our efforts are all about bringing out books that represent exemplary publishing standards. We provide winning products and services to those who are willing to modify and utilise the full capacity of the required resources. We also help companies to advance technologically. We help businesses, big or small, to procure an opportunity to get success which wouldn't otherwise exist without their innovative nature. We believe in providing the path to those who are keen to walk.

Our team of professionals specialises mostly in eBooks. We also have expertise in video production (which we'll be launching soon), website design, website development/designing, graphic design etc.

Eoibooks provides book layout and cover design to help your book look professionally Best. Our team of experts will work with you to create a stunning book layout design that will make your book stand out from the competition. Best book layout and cover design Company.

For over 22 years, EOIBooks has been trying to satisfy and fulfil the needs of its clientele with everything possible in its reach. You are being taken care of as a family when you join us.

From editing and designing your books to marketing them on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter - we give you all under one roof!

Our organisation believes that a company's success is based on satisfying its clientele. This has been our fundamental principle since we first started up, and it will pursue our path into future endeavours, no matter how great or difficult the situation may seem.

With the EOIBooks Excellence Advantage, we aspire to provide our clients with world-class assistance. We are a customer-centric publishing house. Our books will employ the most modern and proven approaches to shaping young minds, including the latest norms of NEP 2022. Perhaps the best illustration of our missionary zeal can be found in the books developed with care, love and affection towards our audiences. Our experts attractively design books and our other services to make learning an interesting, creative and fun-filled experience.

Some of our Services are as follows.

Web Design and Development: We have been providing web designing and developing services to our clientele for over a decade.

Online Catalogue Services: Catalogues are one of the oldest promotional strategies to promote products and services. We assist our patrons in promoting their business to get the success they believe in.

Design Services: We aid our customers in planning, managing, interacting, arranging, and handling the quality of products and services and infrastructure.

Comprehensive Printing and Publishing Solutions: If you are interested in making your written work public and looking for support, you are at the right place. We put that printing is production, while publishing is dissemination, and with this idea in mind, we publish the arts of the talented ones for the audience to reach the best.

Ingenious Multimedia Design Company: We, with this, provide different integrated media, including text, images, audio and video, to communicate with an audience through the niche practice in graphics and website designing.

Comprehensive Editorial Services: We prepare written material for publications or presentations by correcting, revising, adapting, and phrasing the content in a highly professional way.

Book Cover Design: Designing covers for books is also a function of our company. Our team of experts put the required efforts into making the covers contemporarily beautiful for our customers.

Creative Design (Book Design, Artwork etc.):

Our company also deals in creative designing of any form in an attractive and informative way.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We believe in online marketing to advertise through digital channels to promote brands and connect potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication such as Search engines. Websites. Social media to make our customers' needs satiated.

SEO Content Writing

We intended to increase website visibility and organic search traffic. These are often provided by our agencies of experts in all market aspects.

The experience of working with EOIBooks is like no other. The company never ceases to amaze its patrons and satisfy their needs and expectations. For those who seek the best quality services for publishing or marketing books, EOIBooks is the last destination to get their dreams fulfilled to be true.

We appreciate your initiative to contact us as we are willing to answer all your queries and requirements. We would be more than happy to get in touch via every mode our potential customers are comfortable with.