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Seeing characters come alive on screen gives an unbeatable thrill and adds pep to the conceptualized characters and ideas. At Edit One International, our forte’ lies in lending attitude and life to these characters. Our state of the art animation studio looks forward to cater to all your animation requirements.

Our Multimedia Process involves, Concept Script development, Design framework, Voice Over, Authoring Delivery

A rapid display of a series of images is created to be viewed one after the others at an extremely fast pace to result in a brilliant illusion of moving pictures- this is what 2D animation is all about. Our creative animators are armed with all what it takes to create world class animations for movies, videos, curriculum embedded animation, advertisements, games and others.

With world class technology aiding our efforts, our team creates amusing and hilarious animations to keep the child in you alive always.

The 3D animation industry has come a long way and is making forays into many segments of the Corporate world, education and training sector, the entertainment world, industries, game zone and so on.

When the complexities of tough human anatomy bog you down or the complex explanations of complicated projects leave you perplexed, or maybe when you need to get the real feel of the game that you just played on a site, the stunning effects of our 3D animation are sure to settle your woes.

Edit One Animation’s front-line assets include powerful work stations, resource rich media library with high quality props, characters and textures, inspired animators, professional set designers and talented lighting artistes.

Visual effects have become an integral and indispensable part in filmmaking. Digital visual Effects or VFX create imagery and manipulate it outside a live action shot. The process involves integration of live action footage to create highly realistic environments. With the introduction of easy to use animation software, Digital VFX involves integration of CGI with still photography to create a realistic environment which otherwise would be impossible to capture on a moving camera.

The term VFX has come to be associated with motion pictures in contrast to the term FX which has associated itself with still photography only.

Our digital VFX are spellbinding and entertaining and transport you to a new world.

It’s so stifling to keep shut for so many of us and so our books also decided to talk after being quiet for ages to appeal to those who never liked to read. The digital revolution did its part by lashing out the print, but finally compensated its loss of customers by boosting its readership in this form. Today audio books have a mass market. Not just simply a great way of introducing learning and getting kids hooked onto reading, audio books now have come a long way from being books only for the visually impaired people. Audio books have now gone mass market and more and more parents are relying on them for effectual storytelling, initiation of correct pronunciation.

Your final destination for audio and video learning-Edit One has to its credit a large number of Audio books which make reading and learning an unforgettable experience. With a Smartspeak device, the child can speak with the device to learn as well. Our audio books add a different dimension to the world of education.

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