2D Animation service
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2D Animation service

Edit One International offers high-quality 2D animation services ranging from animated short films to 2D animated comic books.
As a reputable animation service provider, we provide a comprehensive range of 2D animation services to the marketing, gaming, and entertainment industries.

Creative 2D Animation Services

Realistic and Cartoon Motion Styling

We recognise that generating a flawless motion sequence in an animation is critical. We provide particular stylistic motions for each character in the animation, ranging from a simple stroll to a complicated running cycle.

Character Creation

Edit One is in charge of pre-production activities like designing, conceiving, editing, storyboarding, animatics, backdrops, etc. Our characters have been well studied and accurately represent your concept.

Marketing -

  • Logo animation
  • E-learning
  • Product and service demonstrations
  • Storyboard progressions
  • Short films
  • TV episodes
Technical Animation and Simulation

Our specialist simulation and technical staff are well-versed in producing complicated animations such as extended views, segment zooms, line drawings, etc.

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